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­­Vintage Clock Tips

1. The Vintage Clocks are not new. They do have some dings or scratches. In an effort to keep as much of the original clock together, we only replace what is necessary to make them run and go cuckoo.

2. They are all set to keep the best time possible. If you adopt one and the clock is running fast or slow the most likely cause is that the pendulum was moved. To fix this simply move the ornament (leaf or whatever) on the pendulum up to make it go faster or down to slow it down. You won't need to move it much hopefully.

3. If a carving had to be fixed or replaced it may not match the original color or shape exactly. We are not that advanced to have enough colors to make a perfect match. Besides to us that adds more originality.

4. Make sure you pay attention to cuckoo or quail there is a difference in the way they sound. This will be part of the description.

5. Again not the vintage clocks are not new, this is reflected in the adoption fee. If you want a new clock, check out the River City Clocks we have listed. If you have seen another type of River City Clock and we do not have it listed, ask maybe we can get a deal on it for you, no promises.

6. If you already have a clock and want it fixed, I can try, but I am not a movement specialist so don't expect much if you ask.

7. Lastly if you are completely not satisfied we will give you a refund within 14 days of you receiving your clock. We just ask that you notify us and let us know before you send the clock back. We are looking for forever homes and want you and the clock to be happy.

P.S. If your clock comes with extra spirits we can't help you. So far none of them have bothered us and they seem very happy to be loved again.