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Parts Reference

Parts of a Cuckoo Clock

In the image above you can see the different parts or pieces that make up most cuckoo clocks. Each part will be given a brief explanation and those parts are:

1. The Body of the clock

2. The Crown

3. The Pendulum

4. The Weights


1. The Body

Each clock has a body that holds the cuckoo bird, the clock mechanism and other items that make up the clock. Each cloch has its own shade of finish and most are the same shades but you get variations which help each clock look slightly different.

The two images bottom row above show the cuckoo bird on the left and a cuckoo bird on top of the dancers of a Chalet style clock on the right.

Body Styles

Generally there are three styles and can be seen in the image above, but they are Chalet, Hunter and Bird and Leaf.

The Hunter style (on the left above) usually has a Stag Head with antlers and crossed rifles as part of the crown. On the body the carvings are of game animals such as a rabbit and pheasant. The clock represent the sport of hunting and is themed accordingly.

The Bird and Leaf style (in the center above) is as the name states, birds and leaves. The number of birds and leaves vary from clock to clock but the clocks are the more traditional of the three in my opinion.

The Chalet style (on the right above) very much resembles a Chalet or wooden house that you would find in the European Alps. Most have a balcony that has dancers that dance with the music of the clock when the clock hits the hour and goes cuckoo and plays music.


2. The Crown

The second part on the diagram is the Crown. The crown goes on the top front edge of the body where it looks like a roof. There a few different styles and looks for crowns, but the most popular are the Bird and Leaf (left above) and Hunter (right above).


3. The Pendulum

The Pendulum is the ornamental piece on the wooden stick that hangs from the bottom of the clock and swings side to side. This motion  and the gears it moves creates the tick-tock you hear. This is also an adjustment piece. If your clock is running slow you slide up the ornament piece on the wooden stick just a little. You slide down if it is fast. You just make small adjustments and wait a few hours to check the time. You can repeat this until you have it on time again.


4. The Weights

The last are the Weights. The weights pretty much look the same, but the are different sizes and weights. If you look back at the body style images above you will notice the size differences in the weights. The large weights belong to an eight day clock and the smaller to an one day clock. You will also see there are three weights instead of two. One weight pulls the gears for the clock to keep time, One weight pulls the gears for the cuckoo bird to cuckoo and the final weight pulls the gears for the music box to make music. The clocks with only two weights dont have music boxes.