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Vintage Installation Instructions

Parts included with the clock:

1 (one) Clock body

1 (one) Crown Piece (the top part)

1 (one) Pendulum 

2 (two) weights



  • Place the crown onto the clock body. a) You can do this by securing it with the two small screws on the back of the crown to the brackets on the clock body. b) If the crown has clips on the back, gently press the crown clips on to the clock body. 

  • Using a secure nail or screw secured into the wall, locate the hole on the back of the clock at the top and hang clock.Make sure the nail or screw is high enough up on the wall so that the chain can let the weights out without hitting the floor.With the clock on the wall and using a level to make sure it is not tilted as this will interfere with the pendulum movement. 

  • Take the chains out of the packet and remove !the clips at the bottom of the clock.Make sure you don't set the clock down or put it upside down as the chains make come off the gears inside the clock. If the chains come off the gears you will need to have them put back on so the clock functions. You can try this yourself but Please note that If you try it, you will be responsible for the damage. 

  • If the door at the top of the clock that the cuckoo bird comes out of has a wire holding it closed, turn the wire to allow the door to open. 

  • Attach the pendulum to the loop on the bottom of the clock. 

  • Set the correct time for the clock.Set the correct time by turning the minute-hand, which is the longer hand,clockwise. Don't move the hour hand and don’t turn the hands counter clockwise. 

  • Put the weights on the chains by placing the hook on the chain in the loop on the weight. You need to do this before you start the pendulum. Once the weights are on you can push the pendulum to the side and let it go to start the clock. If the pendulum stops, the clock may be slightly crooked on the wall. Using the level straighten the clock and start the pendulum again. 

Note: You wind the clock by simply pulling the chains and supporting the weights to make sure the chains don’t come off the wheels.If the clock doesn’t keep the correct time, the pendulum may have been moved. To fix this deteremine if the clock is running slow or fast. If the clock is fast slide the pendulum piece down and if the clock is slow, slide it up. When moving the pendulum try to make small or tiny adjustments and wait for a few hours before you recheck and readjust.