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We are also able to complete repairs on Non-Musical Cuckoo Clocks, we have nothing against the Musical versions, there are just so many other non-musical clocks that need repairs.

Typically we will ask you to send us your clock via a method that is traceable , We will inspect your clock andn provide you with an estimate. If you agree then we will fix the things which are not working, test the clock by allowing it to run two or more days and send it back to you.

Emails and questions are free but any actual work will need to be paid before your clock is returned. The costs will included an hourly rate of $12.50 and the a minimum of $25.

Please fill out our contact page to request a repair and we will work out the details from that point on.

Everything is on as-is assumption, we will take no responsibility for your Clock arriving to us in a manner that can not be repaired. We will also ship your clock back to you with insurance and tracking information after it has been tested to work. (Clocks need time to get back in rhythm, please don't expect you clock returned the next day. It has to be tested)