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About Us

We find or receive old or vintage Cuckoo or Quail Clocks and get them to work again. We start by inspecting and cleaning them.  replace any mechanical parts and provide new or recovered cuckoo whistles. The carvings are inspected and are repaired or remade. Any new carvings are made to match the clock as close as possible. The final step is to test the clock to ensure it works as it should. We then place them for sell on the site for purchase. These Clocks will be like a new member of the family since each clock has its own personality, please see the Vintage Clock page for some tips.  The online store also carries New Cuckoo clocks that can be purchase. Due to storage constraints the New clocks are being listed from the Amazon Affliate store until a new storage location can be obtained. We also have a selection of other non-cuckoo clocks in the store if you prefer something different.